a small town of
just your friends

Converse with your friends (up to 150 people) and your friends’ friends (up to 20,000 people). No ads, no brands, no strangers for just $2 per month with the first year free.

Your closest 150 friends

150 is Dunbar’s Number – or your brain’s limit of meaningful relationships. We cap all members at 150 friends to preserve community.

Talk in Town with friends of friends

Town is our hashtag forums with your friends of friends. Pop into #skiing or #texas to meet new friends, through friends, through common interests.

No ads, brands, or strangers

Hang out where everyone knows everyone for just $2 per month with the first year free for early members.

Your small town away from the big city

For those who don’t want to go to social media to be with their friends, 150 is for you. Here is a place for your personal life, and not your public image.

Would you like to see inside?